The Next Generation: Could This Be the Age of the Reboot?

GamerFitNation's Gregory Laporte writes

"PlayStation 4, Xbox 720, and the Wii U…

These are the new consoles that we will be playing on in the not so distant future. Ready or not—they are coming. Personally, I am ready to welcome them with open arms. However, this is granted only if they do one thing correctly. They have to make new and interesting games."

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Proeliator2079d ago

I think this gen proved that we really will start focusing on the past as well as the future. Good article.

Derekvinyard132079d ago

very true, thing is devs need to stick with what will sell good, these companies cant afford a flop

bluetoto2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

Hopefully not. This gen has shown that some gamers can't let go of the past and anytime a dev wants to expand or evolve their series they are met with vile responses for even thinking about trying something new.

Nevermind they might want to try something they didn't have time to explore initally or implement a new feature they think adds to the series because the tech has changed, these people will cry and moan with their predetermined notion of what should have been changed if anything because it "doesn't hold true to it's ROOT".

These are the people who hold back gaming and buy the same game year after year because it has a new coat of paint. What gamer doesn't want his favorite series to grow? How can you be mad at games using other games elements and features that are deemed great gameplay elements from other games?

No, I hope they stay away from reboots and remakes and spend that money on new IP's. If these people want to play the same game from ten or twenty years ago they can break out those old consoles and play that old tired gameplay.

Why should all gamers miss out on new IP's so that a few gamers can relive their past but in HD? Just no.

PopRocks3592079d ago

It seems that way. Even Nintendo has embraced the concept of rereleasing an old classic on a new platform.

As long as there is a point to the rerelease and does something both respectful to the franchise and also provides something a little new, I'm happy.

Root2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

Hopefully not

Everytime they reboot something the new games are (despite some being alright) are either nothing like the old games (Syndicate), are inferior to past games when they should be better (dmc) or don't seem like an instalment in that franchise (Tomb Raider).

PopRocks3592079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

I agree with this comment almost completely. Though I was curious as to what you meant about Tomb Raider not being like an installment in its own franchise. It seemed like a TR game to me, just darker with a greater emphasis on cinematic storytelling.

EDIT: @Root below

I haven't seen much of the game since its E3 unveiling where Lara was trying to escape from some cave. It actually had the elements you were referring to; swimming, puzzles, etc. They introduced new elements like hunting as well (if I'm remembering correctly). Have they changed anything in future trailers or anything like that? I think in that regard I'm not as knowledgeable as I would like to be.


In that regard I can completely sympathize. I felt very similarly about DmC. I have only played a few of the TR games since Legends and I've yet to see anything from this new game since its E3 demo. Hopefully it can still wind up being a game you can enjoy as a TR fan.

Root2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

Not to me it seemed too much like Uncharted and not Tomb Raider like.

Its like a explosive Hollywood action adventure film...

Lack of puzzles
Quick time events
No med kits...regenerating health
No swimming
Lots of cover based shooting

Its not Tomb Raider

I'm not saying it dosen't deserve high kind of does....HOWEVER....only if it was a new IP.

It's what I don't understand about reviews and reboots, most of the time they give the games good scores, I mean fair enough good games deserve good scores but they should remember while reviewing it what give those games their identities in the first place and they should mark it on how it lives up to the franchises name

If the developers have "ruined" what the franchise is all about or made it into something it's not then it doesn't deserve praise. At the end of the day your only encouraging devs to do this more.

In my opinion dmc and Tomb Raider for example fail to do that so I don't understand the nearly perfect scores.

Ares84HU2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )


First off let me just say that I am a HUGE TR fan. Ever since I played the first one on PS1 back in 1996.

Anyways, ever since than I've played every TR game available. This new one while I cannot wait to play it finally has nothing to do with the old TR games. I haven't seen a single puzzle to solve in this game so far from the gameplay videos, that hunting and surviving isn't Tomb Raider like really, upgrading things also isn't like any old TR game. There are so much changes in this new TR that the only thing it has incommon with the old ones is that it's called Tomb Raider and the main heroine is called Lara Croft. Other than that I wouldn't even be able to tell if it is the next TR game. The whole point of old TR games was to, you know, Raid Tombs..... :)

MikeMyers2079d ago

"In my opinion dmc and Tomb Raider for example fail to do that so I don't understand the nearly perfect scores."

Maybe if you actually played them (the whole game) you'd find out.

Farsendor12079d ago

was about to disagree with you then i thought about it and syndicate and dmc aren't very good reboots both of them should have been called something different.

haven't played Tomb Raider yet so can't really comment on that game.

MagneticDeath22079d ago

Heard Capcom wants to reboot the Resident Evil series. Would love to see the mansion again on their new engine on PS4.

DarkBlood2079d ago

not untill i see if a remake of resident evil 2 actually happens that i been hearing about sort of lol :P

MagneticDeath22079d ago

The REmake on GC was awesome I'd like them to reboot it and maybe have 2 campains, Chris and Jill in the mansion and Leon and Claire in Raccoon City. If 6 can have 4 campains, then the reboot should have 2. Make it a hybrid Resi 1 and 2.

shadowmonstasensei2079d ago

in the year of 2012; reboots became commonplace. if this happens in the year of 2013, i'm blowing a gasket....

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