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New Gamer Nation - Dead Space is a series known for raising the bar in video games. The completely immersive experience that stems from a lack of HUD display began a new style in mainstream gaming. On top of that, it is arguably one of the best series to combine action and horror, and, more importantly, to incorporate both genres well, something Resident Evil seems to be struggling with lately. With a solid protagonist and a creative setting, Dead Space has really outdone itself as a series. Now that the third game has arrived, the story of the popular series continues – but is Dead Space 3 as good as its predecessors?

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Derekvinyard132052d ago

i wanna try and play them all, i found ds3 demo fun

Derekvinyard132052d ago

was ds3 one of the sequals that didnt need to be made?

GreenRanger2052d ago

No. It's just that some stuff feels out of place in this one - like human enemies.