GamesBeat: Gears of War: Judgment makes some refreshing tweaks to an old formula (preview)

GamesBeat's Giancarlo Valdes: "I wasn't too excited about the prospect of a fourth Gears of War, but a few new features leave me hopeful that Judgment may be worth playing after all."

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Derekvinyard132107d ago

i feel like this one is a little under the rader compared the other ones. havent seen to much advertising

Tolkoto2107d ago

I keep forgetting that this game is a thing.

SybaRat2107d ago

I'm working up the energy for a good, long yawn.

Sadie21002107d ago

The multiplayer class-based thing is definitely cool, but I feel like GOW3 wasn't that long ago.

Kalowest2107d ago

" I feel like GOW3 wasn't that long ago"
Maybe Epic did a good job supporting it, I heard the DLC Raam is suppose to be really good.
It's been a year and a half since GOW3.

GreenRanger2107d ago Show