Quantifying the Impact of the Big Games of March to May - Are GTAIV, Smash and Wii Fit Game Changers?

VGChartz writes: In recent weeks, PS3 and Xbox 360 have alternated between outselling and being outsold by the Wii in the Americas. The reasons for this are two fold. Nintendo has been shipping larger than normal allocations of Wii to Others and Japan to meet demand and to cover the Smash Brothers and Wii Fit launches in Japan. Sony has been benefiting from the release of Devil May Cry 4 and the victory of Blu Ray over HD-DVD while Microsoft has been meeting the demand of those who wanted an Xbox 360 at Christmas but were unable to find the desired model.

Through eight weeks of the year (February 23rd 2008), about 15% of 2008, totals look like this in the Americas.

DSL: 1,024,889
Wii: 822,656
360: 631,071
PS3: 564,142
PS2: 539,190
PSP: 517,070

In the console battle, May is shaping up to be the most important non-holiday month in quite some time. Nintendo appears to be going for the jugular – with Wii Fit, Mario Kart and a new Pokemon (DS) all releasing about the same time as GTAIV to offset any potential loss in income

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Peekay4190d ago

I have a feeling this is going be a battle of epic proportions.

baxter4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

Ps3outsold xbox 360 in Janauary. It has done the same in February too.That Crapchart has x360 beating ps3 by between the 8 week period of january to february?

Story reported as FAKE/LAME

nicholascage244190d ago

PS3 outsold x360 in January,2008 according to NPD.

By a hefty 40k units.

then how come VGCHARTZ showing x360 having the edge?

VGCHARTZ didnt still fix their figures for ps3 and x360 for USA.

PS3 should have an edge of 100k units rather.

Theres no F***** way PS3 would get outsold by x360 in february

Peekay4190d ago

Don't care - i'm more interested in how GTAIV, Smash and Wii Fit will affect their respective console sales. Will the 360 or Ps3 trounce the Wii with GTAIV? Is that you Nasim?

kewlkat0074189d ago

does it really bother you that much...

When will gamers talk about games..I swear some people on here don't play games, just interested in Numbers all the damn time.

Quite's only ones argument, 90% of the time.

Say something about these two behemoth games...

On that Note, I'll be getting both games..forget Wii Fit, I have

Snukadaman4189d ago

"I can assure you that this will be the last month Vgchartz numbers are posted on N4G."

I love this quote right if he runs things on this website....

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mindedone4190d ago

Do GTA games have a huge impact on sales? Are they the behemoths that they are in the United States? Or is it like Madden to you?

timmyp534190d ago

GTA 4 and MGS4 will be epic and thats for sure. XD

nicholascage244190d ago

PS3 outsold x360 by 40k in January.

It will do the same in february since MS themselves are claiming that they have "supply issues"??

Then How come you have x360 outselling ps3 in Jan-february and not only that by 70k units!!!!!!!!!!!!

InYourMom4189d ago

then let's stop using VGChartz here then. It's funny how it's gospel when the PS3 is on top and it's garbage when it isn't.

NPD doesn't track all retail, maybe VG is using a different sample or are looking at a bigger picture than NPD.

Anyway, I've never trusted VGChartz for any of their numbers.

baxter4189d ago

I can assure you that this will be the last month Vgchartz numbers are posted on N4G.

as soon as NPD is out for FEB we will do a comparative analysis . There will be huge discrepancies which will be forawarded to the admin.

Hopefully this month sees the end of highly dubious Vgchartz numbers

BTW even after seeing NPD's January numbers why do you even refute other comments. I mean There is no way x360 could outsell ps3 in Jan/Feb when it was outsold by the PS3 (40k In Jan). X360 will have to beat ps3 by atleast 110k in February to stretch a 70k lead which is impossible.

The NPD of February will be out in a few days but we can easily guess the numbers . Cant we? especially when a company is already taking the Defeatist Stance by claiming THAT THEY HAVE FAKE SUPPLLY ISSUES ( in reality consoles are not selling but M$ wont admit that)

InYourMom4190d ago

You do know that NPD doesn't track all retailers's? Could it be that VG is getting a different sample then NPD? Or who knows maybe even a more complete picture. NPD doesn't even cover Walmart.

It's funny how VGChartz are gospel when the PS3 is on top. But I agree we should not use VGChartz for anything software/hardware whatever, but fat chance of that happening.

baxter4189d ago

Their owner IOI is a guy living in UK. He has access to 0 retailers in UK and US.

PS3 is on top on VGCHARTZ but those figures are way underpined and x360 sales are wayy higher.

Yea complete picture by GUESSTIMATING so that X360 beats PS3 in islamic countries after IRAQ invasion???? and we have to believe that too

power of Green 4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

Your sh*t doesn't even make any sense lol.

You rabids have done so much damage to this site only a few 360 owners will visit this site every few days.

I seen your retarded ass saying theres no way 360 can beat PS3 in the UK despite the fact most of the time its the only market where there isn't total PS3 bias.

baxter4189d ago

PS3 has beaten the x360 in UK last moenth.

Theres no way x360 could reverse the feat after the Blu Ray victory.

The week after Blu Ray triump saw players jump 6 fold which included ps3 as well.

In XMas last year ps3 went on to beat x360 in UK. What makes u think that x360 will ever beat ps3 in UK? especially with such a 2008 lineup LOL

PSWe604189d ago

I'm waiting for the x-box fanboys to start their hootin' and hollarin'
this should be good

4189d ago
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