God Of War: Ascension Trophy List Leak

God of War: Ascension’s trophy list has leaked a week ahead of the game’s March 12th debut in North America.

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Godchild10202052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

"No Drake. You Can´t Have These(Collect all Artifacts in the game)"

Awesome trophy title. It's awesome when development teams get along and do stuff like this. Day one purchase of the Legacy bundle.

Omar912052d ago

Same. You can really see the partnership that sony studios have with one another. its great. Cant wait to get that trophy!

Derekvinyard132052d ago

those hidden ones are probly the difficuly ones just like every GOW

shoddy2052d ago

Can't wait.
the demo is awsome

Bobertt2052d ago

I hope they don't put any retarded online trophies they always ruin it.

Derekvinyard132052d ago

only if they work and are easy, its almost like devs keep forgetting that an online community dies out, leaving the trophies impossible

Dark_Overlord2052d ago

Looking at the list I can't see any :)

However there are hidden ones, so fingers crossed :)

Cyrax42052d ago

Does it give you a trophy for putting up with the atrocious frame rate and numerous audio issues that plagued the demo?

smashcrashbash2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

Not sure what you are taking about but it is a demo. Of course you can expect a few hiccups.Frame rates and audio problems can be fixed. If you have nothing constructive to add it's best you just say nothing.Also must you be melodramatic? I played it and I am sure the frame rates were not as bad as you say.

firelogic2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

When have you EVER played a GoW game with any framerate or audio glitches. I'll answer that for you. NEVER.

5 GoW games across PS2, PS3, PSP, and they've all been pristine. That's 5 games across 2 different developers on 3 different platforms, with 5 different directors. Throw in the HD remakes and that brings the total to 9 GoW games, and add a third developer.

BigBoss19642052d ago

Game runs great minor frame drops here and there but it does not affect the gameplay at all and the audio problems are only in the demo as its compressed now quit your whining

Derekvinyard132052d ago

lmao that made me laugh, dude its a demo cmon

Tontus2052d ago

The audio problem is due to the default setting of the demo being 5.1 surround sound. Also the framerate is perfectly fine, it runs between 30-45fps and never dips below 30... hardly atrocious now is it?

It's also been said that there's been a lot of tweaks and improvements since the demo build so calm down.

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2052d ago
MasterofMagnetism2052d ago

Can't wait to add this plat to the collection.

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