Valve Patches Team Fortress 2 on 360

Valve has released a patch for Team Fortress 2 on the Xbox 360. If you haven't seen it already, the next time you fire up the Orange Box's multiplayer fragfest you'll be prompted to install the update.

The update fixes a number of known exploits, changes some game balancing and bandwidth issues, tweaks some menu problems and adds rumble support for TF2's weapons.

Gamers first started reporting they'd downloaded the patch on Saturday, and a Valve rep posted the full details of the update on the forums today.

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LinuxGuru4005d ago

Now all Valve needs to do is push EA out of the way and fix the Orange Box for the PS3, and I'll be fine.

There is no excuse for the frame-rate drops on the PS3 version, considering the fact that the Source Engine LOVES having lots of processor power to use.

Cell = Processing power in abundance. don't have to let that fat-ass Gabe Newell dictate your feelings about the PS3.

The Cell is proven to be a calculations MONSTER.

Your engine loves that.