9.4 Patapon Review writes: Beaten down by their evil foes the Zigotons, the last remnants of the brave Patapon tribe are lost and without hope following a vicious war that has left them teetering precariously on the verge of extinction. However, as oblivion looms, an injured Patapon soldier wandering across a scarred battlefield suddenly gazes upon the face of the Almighty (that would be you) who promises to guide the faithful Patapons back to glory against the nefarious Zigotons via the guiding beat of divine war drums.

That aforementioned guiding beat is delivered by the player via the PSP's face buttons, which are used to deliver simple four-button beat combos that directly influence the on-screen actions of Almighty's ever-willing Patapon warriors. The drum-delivered orders are easy to remember and gradually introduced in order for the player to become adequately acclimatised to each as the game's missions steadily progress.

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