Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Preview [GameRevolution]

Rum, gold, wenches - you'd think the Order would have outlawed these vices, but a new hero and a clear horizon make for fresh conflict and new rules for another battle between the Assassins and the Templars.

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Sev2055d ago

I'm loving where the AC series is headed. Much better than 1 and 2.

doctorstrange2055d ago

As long as I can go swimming with whales

Wedge192055d ago

Definitely going to be one of the PS4 launch titles that I pick up. I hope they learn from their super glitchy mistakes in 3 though. While 3 was an amazing game, the numerous glitches (and eventually my Platinum breaking glitch) caused me to really not enjoy it in the end and be taken out of the experience.

alexcosborn2055d ago

I'm actually really intrigued by the pirate theme.

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