Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Preview – Open Seas, Open World | GenGAME

GenGAME writes: "The big question on many people’s minds I’m sure is whether all this promise will be delivered in the final product. A number of people – myself included – were rather disappointed with Assassin’s Creed III, which offered a lot in terms of new features and a larger scale but didn’t really feel like the series revolution it was meant to be.

"If Ubisoft can nail the potential of an open-world in Assassin’s Creed IV, that could do wonders for repairing the series’ image going forward. If not, perhaps Black Flag‘s going to have to retire the Jolly Roger for a whiter banner."

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SolidDuck2105d ago

I like assasins creed, but I'm really not ready for another one.

joab7772105d ago

I understand the need to do another one because it sells well, isnt risky and is a definite revenue stream for an ambitious company that looks to make a splash early in next gen.

That being said, i am a little cautious because i read that they have been working on this for awhile, which they would need to have been to get it ready for two generations and 6!!! But, this means that they have been working on this while making AC3, if not some of revelations. Now, it is very possible that it will be all it claims to be and we know that the ship mechanic is solid, but was AC3 just anannual realease, or a project to test the waters? Maybe so. Anyway, it wont matter what they do if they dont fix leveling or character development. Combat is fine but everything feels like u r simply taking part in a movie. The difficulty is a joke and ur character never progresses, except storywise and aesthetically. I need real development. I want to assist in making my character a badass. Its an assassin game. Why not have 3 different assassin is long range, short range and maybe hands off. You get to choose what to level. Maybe there are hybrid classes. This would put the focus on assassinations while involving the character. Also, it would increase replayability. Maybe there is a more humane way to handle things. Maybe it leads to different side quest. needs something other than the same repetitive enemies and combat that are insanely easy. This game and the open wlrld lends itself to in depth character development. Imagine how amazing it would be if they did this with a killer storyline and one of the most immersive worlds ever. Start me out as a deckhand that slowly becomes the most feared pirate ever.

ab5olut10n2105d ago

While I was crazy disappointed with revelations and ac3,the pirate theme and open world make this a day 1 for me

Eldyraen2105d ago

That's pretty much what they're banking on I think. Pirates and open world could be pretty cool--or really stupid. It all depends on how they handle it.

I actually like the idea but it could be in part as I was disappointed the Pirates of the Caribbean Action RPG fell through so have to get your Pirate on somehow. Plus AC's gameplay really does suit a swashbuckler as well as an Assassin so a bit of both could make for a fun time.