Why Pirates? Assassin's Creed IV's Developers Explain The New Setting

GI:By now you've probably heard that the next installment of the Assassin's Creed series will put you in the role of Connor's grandfather as he builds up a pirate crew and sails the Caribbean sea, but why? With a universe that can take you to any point in history, what was so attractive about the pirate setting? While visiting Ubisoft Montreal we spoke to the game's director, writer, and art director to learn more about what excites them about creating the ultimate pirate fantasy wish-fulfillment.

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Blacklash932058d ago

Because ninjas are weaksauce.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

Without guns ninjas would kick pirates ass.

Also the pirate theme was to appeal to pc gamers..
j/k :)

Blaze9292058d ago

it would make sense for a ninja kinda themed, feudal era Assassins Creed game...I mean, "Assassin"

joab7772058d ago

Lol...they did this because they knew how great the ship mechanic was in ac3. Anyway, i am surprised that they workex on AC3 for years while they were making revelations and brotherhood. Must have been working on this too for next gen. So, was ac3 just a testing ground for this game?

And eventually, they have to go back to asia, or to the beginning of it all. That would be cool.

Gamesgbkiller2058d ago

I hope the PS4 version is BETTER than PS3 .
I want to see something that will make me buy the PS4 version

AntoineDcoolette2058d ago

From watching the introductory trail, reading the details, and seeing the screen shots I have high hopes and am hyped for this installment. On the other hand I am still irked by the annual releases.... but I'm still hyped. Damn my infatuation with fictional history and the exploration of historical settings!

sdozzo2058d ago

Should have used this sailing stuff for a pirate game. AC back to it's roots.

KaBaW2057d ago

As much as I like Assassins Creed, I agree %100 with you..
Keep AC how it's been, for the most part. And, make a new Pirate IP.

HarryPS32058d ago

I hated the ship-parts in Assassin's Creed III so i am not sure if i will buy this upcoming game although i like the setting.

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The story is too old to be commented.