PSU Theme of the Week

Since the release of firmware v2.00, PlayStation 3 owners have had the ability to create, upload, download, and customize their PS3 themes and backgrounds. With the help of a great theme building community, PSU has been able to provide one of the best websites for PS3 users to access new themes. Starting today, and continuing every Monday, we'd like to highlight the best themes and provide links for users to download them.

These themes can either be downloaded to your PC and transfered to your PS3 via a flash drive, or you can visit PSU with your PS3 browser and download them directly to the PS3 HDD.

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EZCheez4192d ago

Because I still haven't found a better theme than the COD4 Perks theme, and I'd love to see some good ones to compete.

The COD4 Perks theme is easy on the eyes, HD, and well made. It's the best of the entire selection.

moparful994192d ago

I love the custom themes because with this method the themes are decided by the community and not by a suit and tie sitting in an office somwhere sipping on a latte... This is the exact reason I love sony as a company, alot of their decisions seemed to be based on the benefit of the consumer rather then their own monitary gain.. Its a win win if you look at it... By scratching the back of the consumer they will return the favor by buying sony's products. The more owners you have the more developers come knocking which means more royalties for the parent company... By focusing on customer satisfaction they ultimately ensure that they turn a profit... I love it.

Chug4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

There's a badass Shadow of the Colossus theme on psu. It features every one of the bosses (separately). I recommend everyone check it out.

RecSpec4192d ago

That has been on my PS3 since I downloaded it, nothing has come close to topping it yet, of course, when some good MGS4 themes come, that will probably change.

bigrob1234191d ago

theres some awsome themes on got a killzone 2 one wheres theres like 12 different picks and its got gunshot sounds


this site is SICK!you go on your ps3 browser and download the themes right on the ps3.they have a ton.PLAY B3YOND!