What Must The Call of Duty Franchise Do To Avoid Long Term Fatigue

Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece asking what the Call of Duty franchise needs to do in order to keep the series fresh. Suggestions include co-op play, setting future games in space, and assigning character classes and roles to players.

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PopRocks3592057d ago

Some of the suggestions in the article are nice, but I'd argue CoD hit the point of fatigue at least a couple of years ago.

csreynolds2057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )


In my view, we've already passed the PSR; the last Call of Duty title I got excited for was Modern Warfare 2. It needs a hiatus - a good two years at least.

Garethvk2057d ago

I can really see that. It did not happen for me until this one in that I did not really have a drive to do the solo campaign. I spent most of my time doing the online mode which I liked, and only got to the campaign to see how it went rather than being gripped by the story and drawn in.

Once I got to the max level online, I did not really have much desire to play more, so I waited until the new DLC came out. While I am curious to see what is next, I do think that some new things are needed. I especially would like to get away from endings where you have to battle the bad guy in a series of slow mo moves.

MasterD9192057d ago

I was thinking the other day about how foolish Actisivion or Treyarch will look when the PS4/Xbox 720 are out and we are still seeing the same game over and over with little to no change.

You can't innovate what has been already drained to the max.

maniacmayhem2057d ago

maybe STOP....

First answer that came to my head.

Let it rest for a good two years. Let people wear out the latest version before coming out with a new one a year later.

Kevlar0092057d ago

They would have to change the kill streak, death, and damage formula. You can dominate by running around everywhere with an SMG or shotgun, I know in my few games of Battlefield 3 running everywhere meant you were an easy target who was only hurting the team.

As we all know, each new Call of Duty is the same as the last one except with different maps, weapons, and added modes. CoD would have to adopt a class system like BF (where each class brings something unique, the more varied the team the more assets you bring as a whole). CoD multiplayer is a bunch of one man army's who are assembled together on a team, forcng more teamwork to succeed is one direction they could take (increasing everyone's base health would require more focus fire to kill someone, limiting one man killing sprees against superior numbers would be less likely if it's harder for one person to kill another)

Oschino19072057d ago

I have a feeling you don't play much COD or Battlefield, or you are very new to both...

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