Infinity Ward release shot of Xi3 micro PC bearing studio's logo

Call of Duty creator Infinity Ward has released a shot of a Xi3 micro PC that's partially funded by Valve, and which was unveiled back in January at CES. IW posted the image on Facebook and Twitter.

The studio didn't elaborate much beyond the images, other than asking 'what's this?' via Twitter and writing 'game development' on Facebook. Xi3 is powered by Steam software.

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MooseWI2052d ago

Damn the marketing. Details are so fuzzy on video game news lately, good marketing strategy.. got me hooked, looking for more all the time.

MurDocINC2052d ago

Maybe it means valve is senting out dev kits to studios with the studio logo on them.

Grap2052d ago

not interested in IW works cause i know 100% they are teasing COD

Veni Vidi Vici2052d ago

That's funny. IW doesn't give a shit about PC gamers.

Rockefellow2052d ago

This was listed under the news here just a few minutes after the original tweet went out. I'm glad it's okay for you to wait an entire day before posting the same exact news that no one cares about anyway. Voted down.