Borderlands is coming to Minecraft

Yes, you really read that right.

Skin Pack 4 on XBLA will bring clearly identifiable Borderlands characters to the world of Minecraft.

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DaveyB2057d ago

hahah, love that Claptrap!

UnHoly_One2057d ago

Anyone else think it's weird that they put in ClapTrap but left out Roland?

T3MPL3TON 2057d ago

Yeah, I'm not really sure why the left out, Roland.

MooseWI2057d ago

I didn't enjoy Roland in the new BL2, but there are some crazy Minecraft mods out there, actually a little excited for this.

jagstatboy2057d ago

(Spoiler alert)... maybe it's because Roland is dead...LOL.

-GametimeUK-2057d ago

On one hand I think it weird, but on the other hand I can see why it has been done this way. I assume the packs come in sets of four. Obviously the 4 vault hunters is the way to go, but Claptrap is way too appealing to pass up. One of the hunters has to be cut :-(. A pack of 5 would have been awesome.

Wagz222057d ago

So that's what gearbox was doing this whole time instead of developing Aliens, at least they kept the same graphics from Aliens in those Minecraft models.

Fairchild Channel F2057d ago

Oh you totally beat me to it lol.

Emzx992057d ago

Sounds like another pathetic attempt to skim a few dollars. Do these skin packs make your gameplay better? No, don't buy them.