British MP - Games Let You Rape Women

Kotaku writes:

The time-honoured tradition of stodgy men arguing over things they know nothing about continued in England during last Friday's game censorship debate in the House of Commons, with MP Keith Vaz showing us how it's done while speaking in defense of Julian Brazier's bill to add a censorship level above the British Board of Film Classification. In comparing the interactivity of video games to movies, Vaz unleashed this little gem:

"However, someone sitting at a computer playing a video game, or someone with one of those small devices that young people have these days, the name of which I forget-- [Interruption.] PlayStations or PSPs, something of that kind.

"Well, whatever they are called, when people play these things, they can interact. They can shoot people; they can kill people. As the honourable Gentleman said, they can rape women."

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Time Lord4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

"Is the honourable Gentleman aware of any video game that has as its intention the carrying out of rape or that allows the game player to carry out such an act? The BBFC and I are unaware of any such game."

To which he replied

"I cannot comment on the rape in games issue, but I can tell the House what Stefan Pakeerah's father said after Warren Leblanc had murdered his son. He said that "Manhunt" is a game using weapons like hammers and knives...The object of Manhunt is not just to go out and kill people. It's a point-scoring game where you increase your score depending on how violent the killing is. That explains why Stefan's murder was as horrific as it was."

Kotaku writs:

Aha! While I cannot comment on games that allow you to rape women as I know of none, look at this puppet on my other hand! It is a murderous puppet, with a hammer in hand! A video game puppet! Take that!

Taken, and rebutted by Minister of State Margaret Hodge, who explained that not only was the game found to have played no part in the murder, it was the victim who owned the game and not the attacker.

niall774185d ago

what? is it a easter egg in mario or something?

Shadow Man4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

Biko 3?

clearelite4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

I didn't read the article. But anyone who blames video games for societies problems is either A) Stupid B) Ignorant C) Stupid and ignorant, or D) Has a hidden agenda and is saying this BS for their own personal gain, etc.
-Just my opinion and of course I may be wrong. If you personally hate, or have somethin against video games that's fine because that is YOUR opinion. But, saying they are some sort of culprit is wrong.

name4185d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.