Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Preview | Gamereactor UK

GR-UK writes: "The pre-announcement leaks spoilt some of the surprise: Assassins turned Pirates. Creed on the High Sea. Given sailing was one of the strongest elements of ACIII, the idea of that side-quest expanded into focal point for an open world game, with cities to freely sail to, islands to find, ruins to explore and ships to plunder is definitely tantalising. That the multi-studio teams behind the new project, three years in production, are aiming for seamless transitions between land, sea, ship or underwater exploration, excites."

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KingPin2055d ago


how many assassins creed's are there.

does a new one release every year?

this franchise needs to chill. or is it selling like well like call of duty that why they keep making a new one?

gedapeleda2055d ago

They say it's been it development for three years not to sound rushed.Nice try ubisoft