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DigitalSmoke2054d ago

Nope not hyped, i want to see a solid skill demanding battle system in the works and a more dynamic world first...

BanBrother2054d ago

Also because Ubisoft milk this bad, and use major bull-shots. Even if this game is unfinished, they will still release it, just like AC3. I will not be buying this day 1 on principle.

aCasualGamer2054d ago

By now, you already know exactly how the game is going to play out. Seems that these bullshots gives more negative marketing than positive, atleast for me it looks lackluster.

Can't wait for a next gen AC game though.

SAE2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

It's really annoying when i remember saying this 2 years ago people disagree like if i offended them and pointed me as a troll. At least you guys want it now too -.-

largerock2054d ago

AC3 left a VERY, VERY bad taste....Am extremely skeptical about this one...

MaleManSam2054d ago

Oh ffs, everyone keeps complaining about these games. To be honest out of all the AAA games that are milked, AC has odne the best and has the most potential, AC3 did a pretty good job tbh, the homestead missions themselves were awesome.

The games have their faults but do so much good as well, NONE of them have been perfect and after what 5-6 games there hasn't been any downfall at all, imo in quality.

shivvy242054d ago

I guess people have high expectations ! I actually enjoyed AC3 but I do agree that 2 was the best

SAE2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

The only good thing i can say about it right now is the story. Gameplay is boring. The multiplayer is getting old even though i loved it at first. So for me this is like a watching a movie. I only play it for the story..

When i play a game i play it for what it is. I enjoy it. Then when i'm done with it i say my opinion about it. I enjoyed AC3 too for this reason. I don't expect anything from it..

grailly2054d ago

I actually think the story in AC is horrible, the worst among AAA franchises.

jetlian2054d ago

well if it adds under water treasue hunting it could be good! I need to play ac3 and finish ac3l

USMC_POLICE2054d ago

I liked 3 a lot and if 4 has pirates I'm sold.

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