Here Are the Best Games of March 2013

Unigamesity writes: "It somehow happened that this March 2013 got filled with top notch quality games about to be released on PC and it’s arguably the hottest and most exciting month we’ve had in a while (in terms of game releases, at least)."

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Y_51502108d ago

Lost Planet 3 coming this month? Man I never had a clue it was releasing this month. Also I may add that the series was never acclaimed or anything of the matter so why put the sequel in a "best games" list?

CustardTrout2108d ago

Luigi's Mansion > Anything released this month.

Thatguy-3102108d ago

Second that hahahaha
God of war and bioshock!! I might try to get tomb raider but not in this month.

CustardTrout2108d ago

People never understand my humour, though admittedly I'm really looking forward to it...Much more so than LP 3 which has some broken hook claw mini game...

Y_51502107d ago

Luigi's Mansion is going to be great, but not the greatest for this month!!!

BanBrother2108d ago

Wait this is the second article today detailing the "best games of March", and both left out Gears Judgment and GOW Ascension. April fools already?

moegooner882108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

This one is for PC releases only.

BanBrother2107d ago


Oh my mistake. I clicked in the article, but it was just all text, like my tablet isn't loading it fully or something.


GOW Ascension and Gears Judgment will be pretty big, but yes, SC2, or any game by Blizzard ships crazy amounts of units. Diablo 3 has passed 10 million already I think.

Bladesfist2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

I would say that Starcraft 2 HOTS is a bigger title than those however I have no idea about Simcity. SC2 has nearly pulled those figures from retail alone which is a small percentage of total sales.

WarThunder2108d ago

Not buying these games in this list.... Maybe Lost Planet 3 but not sure, need to see some gameplay video walkthroughs...