Why Third-party Games Don't Sell on Wii

Ever wonder why most third-party Wii games bomb when it comes to sales? This op-ed explains why.

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resistance1004186d ago

Its simple really.

The vast majority of wii owners are what i call non-gamers, for many the wii is there first console and have brought it on a spur of the moment kind of thing. Now these people only will buy one or 2 games for the wii a year top's, they are the kind who will opt for wii sports and wii fit over Zak and Wiki. You then have to mention the fact that nintendo markets these games extremely well.

thats my 2 cents on it anyway

iamtehpwn4186d ago

I agree, to an extent.
Well, Those Are first party games (wii sports/fit). Hardcore Gamer games like Mario Galaxy, Twilight Princess, and Brawl all do Fantastic on Wii. It's been this way since N64.

But more so on the Wii because 3rd party games on Wii are so low quality. It's only once in a while that we get a great Wii 3rd party title like No More Heroes and Zack and Wiki.

And I also think the hype of games like Brawl kill it too.
But, I'm guilty of this. I'm going to a midnight launch for the game.

wiizy4186d ago

maybe cause they dont advertise or put much effort into the they are starting to. carnival games, resident evil, mario and sonic, etc..plenty third party games are selling

Black Maverick4186d ago

Long answer: They don't sell because they suck.

Short answer: They suck.

Boink4186d ago

that was freaking funny, bubbles for you!

Monteblanco4186d ago

Is there any serious study about the Wii being a second console in the household? This is taken as granted by many so called analysts but I never heard of any hard data. I wonder if this isn't one more myth.

Perhaps Nintendo got it right. We have an expanded game market and the new customers are still exploring what third parties can offer. If that's the case, I am not surprised they rely in Nintendo to get some quality games.

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The story is too old to be commented.