5 Suggestions for Microsoft’s Xbox Event

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So, what can Microsoft do to sway gamers to their side? Well… I don’t know. However, I do have a list of things that Microsoft should keep in mind when they do make their presentation (which, according to recent news, is happening before E3). Please share your thoughts on this list and give your own suggestions for Microsoft’s Xbox event.

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Godmars2902056d ago

I would think that the #1 of their conference would be to show the console. More so because they've made fun of Sony not it.

Tough even then, if they show one design, it should be made into a - if only for humor - thing if they then change it later.

StrongMan2056d ago

Everyone is begging MS for new core IPs, less Kinect focus, and free online and apps. Let's see how MS responds.

Jek_Porkins2055d ago

Black Tusk Studios is said to be working on 4 new core IP's.

I don't mind some Kinect, if Kinect 2.0 is 1:1 or just implemented in solid games like Kinect Sports I wont have an issue, lets not forget that 25+ million people bought one in less than 2 years on the market.

Free online isn't going to happen, Xbox Live allows Microsoft not to enforce Online Passes and keeps the service second to none. I don't mind paying $35 a year, which is what I've always paid, it's a premium service and when Sony launches their tiered service next gen, it'll be one less thing people can complain about. I have 10 seperate PSN accounts, most are just troll accounts that I use to cause trouble, learn maps so that I can get good K/D on games. I don't think I'd like the same thing on Xbox next gen, considering MS rakes in over a billion a year and it grew 15% year on year, we are safe to guess it'll stay.

Now stop trolling and run along, your free now!