Phil Harrison appointed president of Infogrames


"As predicted (sorry, we said it was going to happen this morning), Phil Harrison has been confirmed as the new software boss of Atari's parent company, Infogrames.

Harrison resigned from SCEE last week, where he enjoyed a 15-year career that culminated with him heading up Sony's worldwide studios as president."

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Brian52474515d ago

You will be sorely missed.

LightningPS34515d ago

I won't miss him. I don't have anything against this guy at all. But saying I'll miss him is going too far.

decapitator4515d ago

What is Phil thinking ? Of all the places he could have landed, Atari ? Atari ?!?! this real ?.. Well good for him. Hope he can make something turn out for them.

Salvadore4515d ago (Edited 4515d ago )

He could perfectly have been off with his own studio or working for Eat, Play, Sleep, but he chose to work for Atari. I have heard some rumor going around that he wants to help Atari back on it's feet and later sell it of to Sony, which makes zero sense in my perspective.

decapitator4515d ago

Thats kinda lame though. What does Atari have besides the Dragonball Z series and some good PC RPG games ? They have been sinking from the gaming industry for a while now. If phil can help them get back on their feet, that would be great. But I doubt Sony would want to buy them when they already have a deal with NCsoft for rpg's and such.

pwnsause4515d ago (Edited 4515d ago )

yea E3 wont be the same without Phil at all. He was awesome. Well he did his job, he is one of the people that set the PS3 up for long-term success, seeing as it was him who spearheaded the Home project and some other Sony internal game projects as well. it was best that he left to use his skills to save a company from Bankruptcy. Hes the right man for that job in Atari.

just as how he helped create new software projects at Sony, he will be able to do the same at Atari. I hate it as much as you do, but hes possibly the only person that can help bring fame again to that crippled company

kewlkat0074515d ago (Edited 4515d ago )

what makes you guys (that criticize him) think, he cannot turn things around?

Atari still has a Strong Brand Name with many, maybe this is just what the doctor Ordered... a Dose of Phil to shake things up.

Why don't you pay your respects for what he has done with Sony and hope he turns things around and Atari can bring out the goods like the old days.

Yes we want More and Atari has not been much but this guy has credentials. Always something to whine about if somebody is not doing what "YOU" think is best.

gonzopia4515d ago

Atari and Infogrames are big brand names - and if anyone can help revive them, Phil can. Titles like Neverwinter Nights, Driver, Enter the Matrix, Unreal Tournament 2004... they've had a few hits and good ideas in the past, but they obviously need a fresh and innovative leadership team.

They need to get the developers pumped up and excited again. Atari can't rest on Dragon Ball Z for the remainder of eternity.

gaffyh4515d ago

Nice to see phil going back to what he really wanted to do. All those thinking why he moved? Maybe it's as simple as this; he gets paid more, and he doesn't have to travel as much. In Sony he had to cover software in Japan, US and EU.

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UnblessedSoul4515d ago

Have fun at your new job Phil

eagle214515d ago

He will never be forgotten in the playstation community. Make a awesome PS3 Atari game Phil....I would buy it.

RJ20004515d ago

Exactly. I dont think losing one man will effect much of anything. Over hype story.

darkside4515d ago

no fcuk way!!! WHY?

best of luck my friend. :P

Iamback4515d ago

I am shocked! Sure there were rumors but i still expected something else. How can he live Sony for this crap? Like i said before, this is like trading Stallion (horse) for dying donkey.

cmrbe4515d ago

it or not. Some people like challenges in their lives.

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