God Of War: Ascension preview - Exciting new experience or more of the same? -

After playing the first 30 minutes or so of God of War: Ascension, I can say quite confidently that, yes, this is the acclaimed God of War. But is that a good thing? This isn’t a game that really revolutionises the series, and the origin story that fills the gaps of Kratos’ past isn’t quite as refreshing as the PSP games (which are also prequels). So then why should we care?

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LOGICWINS2148d ago

The demos REALLY good. Didn't think I would like it this much. Its familiar, buts its the most refined GOW game I've ever played.

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smashcrashbash2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Agreed. At first I thought that I would choose Bioshock Infinite over it but now that played the demo I am undecided again.You are right about it being more refined then the others and the pick up weapons option adds a whole new game play mechanic.That whole thing with the hundred hand giant shaking the prison and breaking out the possessed prisoners to attack you was epic. And the way everything kept on changing perspective was good too especially the slide down the incline.I disagree with author.I played the demo alone and was convinced that this is a better more balanced and refined GOW. And how is that different then any other game that has come this far? They don't revolutionize they just adjust and improve and no one seems to mind.Why does every Sony game always have to revolutionize the series while no one else has to?

LOGICWINS2148d ago

And to top it all off, theres multiplayer. The value your getting is unbelievable!

ILive2148d ago

Agreed, the combat is definitely more refined. This maybe the best god of war yet.

Diver2148d ago

With GOW Ascension more of the same = exciting.

TheFallenAngel2148d ago

I would preferred a prequel like Ghost of Sparta, when kratos was the God of War. I liked the demo.

LordHiggens2148d ago

God of War is an amazing franchise that should be praised for what it has done for it's genre....

With that being said I downloaded this demo...and played the multiplayer. It just feels like more of the same to me. I know the old saying if it ain't broke don't fix it but...maybe it's time for GoW to just burn out rather than fade away.

Or at least do something new with the gameplay...

Tontus2147d ago

Based on a 25 minute demo? Did you not try out all the new attacks? Did you manage to upgrade your weapon to see the new combos + parry system? God of War now has world weapons, physical attacks (kicking + punching), the tether mechanic, the new sliding platforming sections, new climbing system, promptless mini-games and a completely overhauled rage meter system. Then there's a whole lot more to come in the actual game, we haven't even been able to play with any magic yet (unless you played the total recall demo and had a small taster of the life cycle magic) and we haven't seen the wonder-tech in action.

What other game in a AAA franchise has evolved its core mechanics as much as God of War: Ascension has from God of War III this generation? Nothing.

Before you cry for them do 'do something new' maybe you should play past games and pay attention to all the changes we've already seen in God of War: Ascensions demos let alone what will be present in the full game.

schlanz2148d ago

Probably More Of The Same But That Isn't A Bad Thing

Adolph Fitler2147d ago

Yep, & if they totally overhauled this game & changed it up, then there would still be negativity surrounding it is a Sony product....and everyone knows that hacking on ANYTHING Sony is "The Koolest".

I mean, Halo 4 was hailed as the 2nd coming of Christ, yet, it is exactly the same game as the last 3 (well, nowhere near as good as part 1, as Halo 1 was & still is the benchmark for that series).
The difference being is that God Of War was awesome, yet GOW2 bettered it in every sense, then the PSP games came & were also excellent, & GOW3 on PS3 set the bar even higher, thanks to the vastly improved visuals & set pieces.

A game like Crash Bandicoot, Devil May Cry or Tomb Raider, are in desperate need of rebooting, due to either outdated gameplay mechanics, or just poorer & poorer sequels, or in most cases, both....but games that are awesome throughout, & haven't dropped off on that pace, just need to introduce subtle gameplay improvements, & offer interesting story & character development.....simple as that. The GOW series, is the best hack'n'slash game EVER conceived, bar none....& I do not say that lightly, as I was a huge DMC fan from the 1st PS2 game (2nd one sucked, & 3rd one was still nowhere near as good as 1st), as well, I also enjoy the Ninja Gaiden games.......but, the simple fact is, that for responsiveness, awesome gameplay, awesome story, awesome character, THE BEST BOSSES IN ANY GAME & just the all-round biggest, best & most immersive production, God Of War has yet to be beaten.
I know I'll get many disagrees, but I care not, as I have not one shred of doubt that the GOW series rules the adventure/hack'n'slash genre, without question.

Oh, & why the hell would they get rid of the QTE's, this series introduced THE BEST, most accurate, fun, well implemented QTE's of any game, & I still enjoy finishing off bosses & such in that way.
I mean, Darksiders & many other games tried copying that aspect of the series, & that to me is the highest compliment they can pay.......Also, the dopey author here stated that these developers should drop the QTE's to copy from another game series.....get off the crack son, imagine the swarming Sony haters, jumping on Santa Monica studios for copying from another big title, like Tomb Raider.

Leave this series as is, just improve where it needs improving, & make sure the set pieces, bosses & stories get bigger & better all the time.
Then, when the series starts rapidly going south, then it will be time for a makeover.

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