How Will Shooters Evolve And Innovate In The Next Generation?

It's one of the most popular genres in video games today, so how will it continue to grow and evolve in the new generation? What changes can we expect?

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DeanSanchez2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

I agree with this article. Honestly, with the new generation of consoles, other than the obvious graphics bump, I think that the innovations would be much more technical. Better environment/character models, AI, A LOT more particle effects, animation, lighting, etc.

These advances may be subtle, but they make a huge difference in the overall end product. Just look at the Deep Down trailer. It may not be in-game, but it was proven (article was on N4G) that it was done in real time (dragons head going through the wall, pixel flickering, etc), and it made the whole game look amazing, even if the effects were considered "cheating" or "visual trickery" to some. In the end, it made the experience better anyway.

With more advanced hardware, we can expect a higher level of quality from games as opposed to having a completely new and innovative way to play.

Welshy2145d ago

I'd rather military FPS games took a break at least for a while at the start of next gen.

As above, i agree, the graphics and effects will be improved which makes a difference, but if you still do the same thing, with the same weapons in the same old tired template, then the graphics jump is meaningless.

AI is my primary concern, i thought Killzone 2 done a great job, but i'd like to see alot of focus put into that area.

If you equip an RPG, make them recognise the threat and find thicker cover, if you pull your knife and charge at them, make them react by getting the side arms out and catching you off guard too...

So much potential next gen, especially if Microsoft follow in Sony's path and make 8gb GDDR5 the new industry standard.

Exciting times ahead for us nerds! =)

NYC_Gamer2145d ago

I expect online shooters to get the MMO treatment