Gamespot/Cnet Going Hiring Crazy (You Must Like Eidos)

San Francisco (CA) – Getting paid to review video games is a dream job to some and CNET/Gamespot may have a position for you. Management is still reeling from the high-profile resignations (some say firings) of four of the site's top editors and Cnet now appears to be filling those vacant positions

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decapitator4188d ago

Am surprised these guys are still around. In my books, they have lost all creditability except ever since that Kane and Lynch incident. It will take years for me to start trusting them again.

Good luck to anyone one that bite this offer. Maybe you will make then better again.

issa30324188d ago

How much do you think a job like that pays? I definitely would be interested.

Lumbo4187d ago

That depends on how many 10's you award to the main sponsors. The higher you "review" the junk they make the more they pay you.

Snukadaman4187d ago

If they disagree with your review they fire you....I seriously dont even bother to go on the site no more....and Im pretty sure im not the only one...

RecSpec4187d ago

Every job has it's layers of corruption, you would be a fool to deny that. But the Gamespot fiasco is in a completely different league, something like that on a resume might actually HURT you in the long run.

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