Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus Review (TheHDRoom)

TheHDRoom: "It was inevitable. A year after bringing the Ninja Gaiden Sigma series to the PS Vita as a launch title, Tecmo KOEI and Team Ninja have now ported the second game, aptly called Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus, to Sony's powerful handheld. While the first game was a masterful reproduction in almost every way (read our Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus review), and included some "+" content that made the game seem fresh and exciting - even after eight years - Sigma 2 Plus's source game, 2008's Ninja Gaiden 2, hasn't been out of the public conscious long enough for nostalgia to set in. With that being said, can Sigma 2 Plus build on the greatness that was arguably one of the best launch games in the PS Vita's lineup? In a word: yes."

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DivineAssault 2059d ago

oh crap! i forgot about this game lol.. What day does it release this month?

TMRBac2059d ago

It came out last week.

DivineAssault 2059d ago

Saints be praised.. I wanted to buy a new handheld game for a while.. Thanks

kB02058d ago

The game is awesome, I forgot how much of a difference it is compared to the first. Although it is easier:)

The mechanics work better, and gameplay is much smoother (not frame rate wise, combat wise).

I still need to finish up some chapters for the first one, but since I played the's hard to go back! lol