E3 Wii U Announcements That Can Set the Console's Sales on Fire

Iran White writes:

Some say that the Wii U is dead in the water. Some say it’s struggling. Some say that it is doing just fine. One thing that we can all agree on however, is that Nintendo and its shareholders would like for the new console’s sales to be higher and more consistent. Here are announcements that would go a long way to making that happen.

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Jadedz3028d ago

With either NSMBU or Nintendo Land bundled with the console (digital download).

camel_toad3028d ago

I reeeeally want to see a new Metroid from Retro.

darthv723027d ago

while that would be a nice incentive, you cant do nintendoland as a digital download on the basic model.

Unless, nintendo explicitly states that to redeem you need to have an external hdd attached. I myself just picked up the basic unit but i also have a 320gb hdd that i hooked up to it.

SD cards are not recognized as storage for wii-u content. they are used for wii content when in "wii mode". Flash drives may work but i havent tried one myself..

Jadedz3027d ago

Oh really?

I thought NL was only 1-2 gigs max. My mistake then.

AKR3028d ago

I agree with all the points except for the price cut point.

- I see people whining and crying for a price cut, which would be nice in such a lousy economy. No doubt, the console is expensive - but Nintendo has already said that they're selling the system at a cheaper price than it takes to make it.

So in actuality - the $300/$350 price tag is actually a GOOD thing. Sure, it's a lot to invest in, but that's the lowest they could get it at this point. This is some pretty pricey tech we're dealing with - especially the Gamepad alone.

Either way ~ All of the other points will be good. I'm especially intrigued by the point of showing off the consoles graphical prowess compared to the PS4 and XBOX 720. - I'm pretty sure the difference will be pretty minor, at least when compared to what we saw with the Wii vs. PS3 & 360. Those were two entirely different generations of tech. The Wii U on the other hand DOES have 8th-generation tech. Maybe not as amazing as the 720 & PS4 - but if it's good enough to already have three games running alongside the PC versions - That's a real plus.

delboy3028d ago


As for the graphics on WiiU, just imagine how Witcher 2 from xbox360 would look on WiiU while using PC texture assets.
And belive me WiiU is even more capable than that Witcher 2 example.

WiiU will look much better on the shelf when ps4 and next xbox are out.
It will be 300$-350$ vs 450$-500$

Upbeat3028d ago

only reason id have a Wii U is if they gave me one, and even at that i wouldnt take it unless they offered me a ps4 with it. and even at that id just use it to hit people with, because it is the bigest waste of money,time,components,plastic and electricity since the HDDVD.


Why Would anyone buy a Wii U, someone please tell me!

AKR3028d ago

Well my dad got me a Wii U when I was on vacation last winter. I've been loving it! Took it to a friend's house, and we all played Nintendo Land and it was a blast.

The Gamepad adds a whole new level of depth to gaming, with the use of it's touchscreen, mic, gyroscope and accelerometer.

It's a great console, with a whole lot of untapped potential. I've been loving it since Day 1, and many others have too.

Just because YOU don't like it - Doesn't mean others will follow in your footsteps.

WeAreLegion3028d ago

Nintendo Land...


No. I still have my copy, but I've tried enjoying it with friends. No freaking way is that a "party game". We just popped in Mario Party 9 and Wario Ware: Smooth Moves. They are much more fun.

The Wii U is a great tool belt, but Nintendo doesn't own any tools.

ElectricKaibutsu3027d ago


Really? I think Nintendo Land is great with friends. Especially Pikmin and the other co-op games. But yeah, I guess it isn't exactly a party game.

MNGamer-N3027d ago

Very well said. Nearly everyone who actually owns a Wii U likes the system. People who bash the system without owning it have nothing but obvious fanboyism and bitterness toward Nintendo.


darthv723027d ago

I bought fzero for .30 from the eshop and i really dig how i can be playing the game on the gamepad while someone else watches the tv.

Same for nano assault. That one is a fun twin stick style shooter in the same vein of super stardust on ps3/vita.

i can honestly say that having the gamepad in place of the tv is different but a good kind of different. hopefully more games take advantage of off screen gameplay.

Qrphe3027d ago

I've only enjoyed NintendoLand's party games. All the solo ones were very lacking (specially the casualized F-Zero minigame).

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phantomexe3028d ago

I'm pretty sure i'd own a WIIU for the same reason i'd own a ps4 or Just curious why do you own a consule? I picked up a ps3 when it had next to nothing because i knew in the long run it would have the games i wanted to play. 360 owners picked up there consule knowing the same thing. It seems sound to think WIIU owners did the same thing.

RTheRebel3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

Nintendo IPs?

kirbyu3028d ago

To play video games. Seriously, what's the matter with you? Just because there's not much worth playing on it now, that doesn't mean there never will be. In fact, a bunch of good games are coming for it soon. And yeah sure, those games are nothing new, but not everyone cares.

Why am I even explaining this to you. The one who needs to do some explain is YOU. Why do you think the Wii U is the "bigest waste of money,time,components,plastic and electricity since the HDDVD"?


Lol ur trolling but funny lol

falcon793027d ago

Get a grip m8 but you will buy a ps4 for the same games,same graphics,and even worse same controls/gameplay as ps3 ??

WiiU all the way.

Deku-Johnny3027d ago

You're clearly a Sony fanboy. You do realise MS and Nintendo are capable of creating great consoles as well as Sony don't you?

There are plenty of reasons to buy any console. The Wii U is great; the gamepad opens up so many possibilities for developers to add new levels of depth and immersion to their games. Because of the unique architecture the specs are much better than a lot of people think, obviously not as good as PS4 but a lot close than Wii was to PS3. Miiverse is a great addition ,it gives people the ability to chat to one another about their favourite games and help each other out on levels they're stuck on, plus the drawings on there are astounding. Nintendo TVii is a great way of finding where you can watch your favourite tv shows and movies. The online rivals that of PS3/360 (and it's free). The eShop is much better than Wii's online store, not fogetting the fact you get points for each purchase you make. And probably the main reason to buy it is the 1st and 2nd party games, where else can you play Super Smash Bros. U, Zelda U, Xenoblade 2 etc?

Upbeat3027d ago Show
Stroke6663027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

@ realize that all the games you mentioned are sequels or have sequels coming out shortly that you'll most likely jump on, but in the very same comment you down nintendo for using the ip's that remain at the top of sales for decades. thus making u good sir, a hypocrite. 'they've all been done before'!...'scoff' so far all ps4 has shown are sequels except for knack, watchdogs(which ps3 will have too meaning the ps4 will be doing wat consoles before it has done, how about that new/old dualshock the fourth iteration lmmfao!), and modeling with the move, yeah the same move that the ps3 had if im not mistaken lol. don't get me wrong though i do have a bias in nintendos favor i too like the way the ps4 is looking, im just not blinded by obvious gayboy...ummm i mean fanboyism( dude the gay thing is a joke don't go sensitive on me, not that there is anything wrong with being happy) plain and simple ur a hater and ur comments are the biggest waste of digital space since myspace.

end of

edit: my bad forgot driveclub that game looks like a blas...Zzzzzz sorry dosed off just thinking about it

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3028d ago
DivineAssault 3028d ago

i hope theres some great surprises they have up their sleeves.. I dont see very many games im interested in coming out anytime soon.. I wouldve been just fine if Rayman legends wasnt delayed (thanks to microsoft).. What can ya do? I guess i wont be using my wii u until Bayonetta 2 comes out.... whenever that is smh

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