Atelier Meruru Plus screenshots

Take a look at some new screenshots of Atelier Meruru Plus.

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Snookies122148d ago

Any mention of it coming to NA?

sherimae24132148d ago

well i think totori will be localized so about this one
it depends on the sales of totori i guess

sdozzo2148d ago

Isn't there one coming this week?

Kamikaze1352148d ago

For the PS3. This is a Vita port of an older Atelier game that was released on the PS3.

d3nworth12148d ago

Why isnt that every vita game from koei tecmo have plus in the title?

rainslacker2148d ago

Because they're ports of a console release. Often times with added content, hence the plus.

Fullmetalevolust2148d ago

I want it, my vita wants it, vita owners want it...make it happen lol more JPRG's love