PSU Hands On: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII: " an easy early candidate for PSP GOTY"

Sarad Jackson of PSU writes : "In all, I believe Crisis Core is an easy early candidate for PSP Game of the Year. The game will present a great story with promised twist and turns, impressive soundtrack, great visuals, and easy to learn gameplay. The only early knock that I have against the game is that it seems like it assumes you already played FFVII which is not going to be true for many of the Crisis Core owners, but that was just from the early parts of the game. I am pretty sure the world of Gaia will become more presentable as the game progresses. If you are a PSP owner, I highly suggest that you at least begin to give this game some attention ..."

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JVIDICAN4185d ago

20 hour story + 60 hours of side missions
i think this game along with god of war won my money this month XD
now just to figure out why i got banned from the gamer zone =P