Ustream CEO Brad Hunstable Talks PS4, ESports And How Live Streaming Is Changing Everything

Forbes -- There’s a huge shift that’s going on in entertainment, yet many in Hollywood and even mainstream consumers have yet to catch on. Led by its domination in eSports, live streaming has revolutionized pro gaming by allowing fans to tune into live events big and small, and even watch their favorite pro gamers practice.

Activision and Treyarch built live streaming into Call of Duty: Black Ops II, specifically to capitalize on the eSports phenomenon. Now Sony has partnered with Ustream for the PlayStation 4, which will allow gamers to instantly stream their gaming with the touch of a button. Brad Hunstable, CEO and co-founder of Ustream, talks about how PS4 will help grow the live streaming phenomenon and impact eSports in this exclusive interview.

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jagiii2150d ago

Live streaming is already changing the relevance of broadcast TV.

falcon792150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

Ive heard devs say that Miiverse is the best feature a console has ever had,a social network where devs can reach out to their fans,and get genuine feedbk on games ect,un-biased opinions is second to none,plus being able to add Miiverse into your game turns your game into something bigger,games like LegoCity will benefit from Miiverse the most with 290 characters,and 200 vehicles ect,getting tips on how to obtain certain characters/vehicles ect will be very valuable for the gamer.

Donnieboi2150d ago

Too bad no one will ever play it since nobody's buying a Wii U (check the sales charts, don't get mad at me).

Magnagamer2222150d ago

This is going to be the game changer for eSports. The accessibility of watching others play through the power of PS4 is revolutionary for a console system.

ATi_Elite2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

Dude people have been watching eSports and Live Streams for like forever!

3 million people watch League of legends everyday!

Now I do really like the fact that the PS4PC has built in Streaming capabilities but Streaming has already taken off and is already very popular!


where Gamers go to watch other Gamers!!

Edit: OK so this may Get more Consolers into eSports and Streaming cause eSport and Streaming is already HUGE with PC Gamers which is why Sony is doing this cause Sony already sees the success the PC has with Streaming and eSports.

WeAreLegion2150d ago

That's true, but with this as an advertised feature, I think this could really start taking off! Many people still don't know eSports exist.

GamersRulz2150d ago

what the hell is PS4PC?!

it's called PS4 or Playstation 4.

KrisK2149d ago

I, for one, am very interested to see if console gamers are interested in streaming.

falcon792149d ago

So all them dissagee's for stating the truth ?? look games with tons of content will be amazing on MiiVerse.

ATi_Elite2148d ago

typical console fanboys, i pay them no mind as they are some very illogical organisms.

anyway check out Twitch.Tv it's a cool site and they even stream console games.

MikeMyers2149d ago

It could be but while I was watching the PS4 event it stuttered like crazy on every channel I could find. I know it wasn't my connection.

NewJersian2150d ago

If you had told me ten years ago that video game comps were going to be shown on TV, I would have thought you were crazy. It's just another way video games are making their way into mainstream media.

papashango2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

10 years ago? You mean when stadiums were selling out in Korea to watch starcraft tournaments?

YoureINMYWay852150d ago

If people can't make money off live streaming the only people how are going to steam are gonna be 12 year olds

Qrphe2150d ago

Even if that was true, the camgirls will always be around.

miyamoto2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

8 million at 1 million peak for PS4 is mind blowing
PS4 leading the way

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