GTA IV likely region locked on Xbox 360

Recent releases from Rockstar Games have indicated that the Xbox 360 version of Grand Theft Auto IV will be region locked. The news is a bad sign for those living in areas where titles are normally delivered later or where video games carry a high premium.

Microsoft's console employs a system which allows game publishers to choose whether they wish their titles to be locked to a single region. Rockstar Games' only released title on the platform so far, Table Tennis, is locked to the region in which it is purchased. The company's next game for the console, Bully: Scholarship Edition, was today confirmed by VideoGamesPlus to have suffered the same fate.

All titles for Sony's PlayStation 3 are region-free, although many retailers refuse to send PlayStation titles to the European Union for legal reasons.

Just to clarify, a region locked game is one which only works on a console bought in the same market in which the game was. For example, if you buy Table Tennis in the USA it will only work on consoles in North America.


This is a RUMOR. I apologize for selecting the wrong category this time.

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Daz4185d ago

Not me and uk gets stuff later then america. BUt i still be able to play it 3 days later

Korosuke4185d ago

people who lives in areas where titles are normally delivered later, or not be delivered.

barom4185d ago

Although region-locking is pretty stupid. It's normal. Most of X360 titles are region locked. This shouldn't be news at all.

On the other hand, if GTA IV would've been region-free on X360. Now that would've been news.

Malacath4184d ago

Doesn't bother me. This would only bother me if I lived in an area where the game was censored. If a game is censored or banned then I would want to import it. Like GTA3 was censored in australia. It is possible this game could be censored somewhere as well.

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Lumbo4185d ago

Its more news than the HD-DVD posts, at least it has the 'game' part right...

Stubacca4185d ago

Why would you use a LXG movie poster as your avatar?


Gitaroo4185d ago

most 360 games beside those Ubi and EA Asia version games are region locked anyway. Nothing new really.

cow moolester4185d ago

who cares?Simultaneous Worldwide release ...

BrianC62344184d ago

Aren't all 360 games region locked? I believe they are. I've never really heard developers have a choice. The PS3 is region-free, the 360 isn't.

MailMan4184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

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The story is too old to be commented.