Gears of War 2 interview part 1 from Gamereactor

The scandinavian gamesite Gamereactor talks to Epic president Michael Capps about Gears of War 2, Unreal Tournament 3, how sales of console games is affecting the games industry and Epics development process.

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InYourMom4183d ago

for this bad boy..

You know all the 360 people have left this site when you only have 1(now 2) comments on a Gears of War 2 article.

Nice to see them reaffirm the fact that the tech demo they showed was supposed to give you an idea of what they are doing for Gears.

Shadow Man4183d ago

I'm glad it was a video interview I didn't feel like reading LOL.

I just hope GOW2 proves that the 360 still has a lot of potential in the graphics department.

princejb1344183d ago

yea gow2 is gonna be big
even thought i slightly currently like the ps3 more gears could be one of the funnest shooters ive ever played, it far surpasses halo, but it about evens out with cod4

games4fun4183d ago

i like gears out of all the 360 games

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