How often should new consoles be released?

TGBuzz: With the release of multiple new consoles including the Xbox 720 and PS4 just around the corner, their release dates beg the question of how long should it take for new consoles to come out? It has been almost eight years since the Xbox 360 first appeared in 2005, and it will be seven years since the PS3 came out. Waiting seven or eight years for a new console seems absolutely ridiculous to most people, because it is!

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iGAM3R-VIII2108d ago

How is waiting 7-8 year ridiculous for people. It can't be earlier because a console needs to live for at least 5 years in my opinion, and the longest is 10 years. Personally I think the current stages of this are perfect.

SethAFitzgerald2108d ago

Because by the time it reaches 5 years, the hardware is far outdated. Compare a console right now to a gaming PC, amazing the difference right?

iGAM3R-VIII2108d ago

Yea thats what i am saying, I think a console can live for at least 5 years but 8-10 at max

Godchild10202108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

If I'm a console gamer, I don't need to compare my console to a gaming PC. Most gamers or people that purchase consoles, are not worried about what the differences between the games they can be played on a console that they are buying and what can be achievable on a PC that they had no prior knowledge of.

I'm not trying to say console gamers lack the knowledge, but they don't care because they don't know. I could've bought a PS3/360 for 400 dollars a few years back, but back then and even now it would cost me close to 600-800 dollars to buy a great rig to play Crysis 3 or Watch Dogs.

When you think about it, I can upgrade my home console(s) every 5 to 10 years, while PC gamers would have to do it, maybe 2-4 years just to play the same games, kinda sucks right. Please correct me if I'm wrong, because I know little about PC gaming.

EDIT: The only reason I say 2 to 4 years, because all I hear is how a new graphics card is coming out each year and how some (Not on this site) PC gamers are getting it to play X game on higher setting because their old Y card can't achieve that level.

Just look at it, home consoles are getting Crysis 3, Watch Dogs, Battlefield 4 and other PC Multiplatform games. Whether it's with less players or whatever, home consoles still got/getting it, 8 years into it's life cycle. So, 5 to 10 years is not bad for the console gamer.

classic2002108d ago

I think 5 or 6 years should be the deadline for new hardware.

Hicken2108d ago

Who cares about PC when talking about consoles? Given how quickly PC advances, it's realistically just a year or two before consoles are outdated.

But I don't buy consoles to keep up with PC specs.

knowyourstuff2108d ago

It isn't always about graphics for some people. Some of the biggest sales volume of consoles are made even after the next console is released. This may sound crazy to some people but the PS2 was still selling 90,000 units a month right up until they stopped production. 7 years is plenty long, unless you do what Microsoft is planning, where you will never need to buy another console. This means they will either work on streaming games, or allowing people to buy upgrades to their console.

unapersson2108d ago

I don't really see that it matters that much, the graphics and effects may be nicer but the games are hardly a big jump over what you get on a console. A big gaming rig may be packed with power but it rarely seem to be used for more than keeping up with the higher resolution of PC monitors.

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solid_warlord2108d ago

Who cares about PC. Its not not mainstream. U got to youtube, people that talk about games or do commentary are usualy playing on console games. Consoles are tailored for the average joe. U think that most console gamers care about how much better PC graphics and frame rate are..then ur deluded. When u look at console games like CoD. It makes 1 billion every year. It dominates in industry software sales. Its hardly a game that is an example of graphical masterpiece. People on PC hardly play CoD. The needs and breeds of those those two different oriented gamers are in a different league. Console gamers come in differet variety... casuals, core and the real hardcores. PC are for hardcores and enthusiasts who are willing to spend and upgrade every year or two for expensive latest tec. Consoles and PC should not be compared as they used to.

SethAFitzgerald2108d ago

No, if you get good graphics cards and cpu's when building a PC, you can make it last for 4-5 years.

Summons752108d ago

Before 5 years was acceptable. Now it should be 10 starting with ps4 - ps5

riverstars862108d ago

Definitely not, the PS4 and 720 will be inferior to PC games from the outset, 10 years from now, I better be playing a PS5.

dirthurts2108d ago

I feel like 4 years is the perfect amount of time.
After that, I just start getting bored :/

tigertron2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

Five - six years is acceptable to me.

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