Gamecock CEO Takes a Slug At EA ; Signals Danger Signs For Rockstar

Following EA's recent bid to acquire Take Two Interative - which owns GTA IV developer, Rockstar - Mike Wilson, CEO of Gamecock Media (Velvet Assassin among others) has questioned the idea of artist-focused video game publishing. Wilson's comment is obviously angled at recent consolidations within the industry including Activision and Vivendi (Blizzard) and EA's bid for Take Two.

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decapitator4005d ago

I hate this takeoever business from EA. But if you look at it from a business perspective, it would seem that is what's best for Rockstar right now. Not for gamers though.

MADGameR4005d ago

I never knew such a name would exist for a company LOL!!

decapitator4005d ago

lol..I Know but if you thik this is worse, you must have missed "GameSWANK". I dont know why people cannot come up with simple gaming website names anymore.


Yeah. I was actually thinking of putting together a company called GameP*ssy. You want "in"? Whoever comes up with these names is just dumb. It's like Rooster Teeth. Just stupid.

Jamegohanssj54005d ago

Where is Sony at to save the day?

I need bubbles :|

The Genius has spoken.

EZCheez4004d ago

He needs to worry about his own publishing company before anyone elses. From what I recall I don't know any great Gamecock games. In fact, are there any yet?

And if they ever do release a good game, he might end up working for EA shortly after after they buy out Gamecock in one swift move.

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