11 Best Video Game Intros Of All Time


I don't know about you, but the way a game begins is nearly as important to me as how the experience resolves before the credits roll (some, even after). A solid introduction—whether that be through a gorgeous cinematic, enthralling gameplay moment, or a combination of both—not only gives the player an incredible first impression, but fuels their curiosity and desire to dive deeper into the experience.

It's not easy to craft a compelling opener, but the eleven games we've selected truly exceed in this area. NOTE: In favor of giving as many franchises as possible a moment in the spotlight, we've limited our selections to one game per series. Otherwise, this list would have likely been dominated by all of Mr. Kojima's handiwork.

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Wedge192055d ago

Nice choices! I agree, these are all games that when you put them in and that opening sequence plays, you just get so stoked to be playing that game.

NeXXXuS2055d ago

Needs more Final Fantasy VIII and Legend of Dragoon.

Donnieboi2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Gran Turismo 2 U.S. intro video. WOW. Never expected such an awesome intro for just a racing game.

DragonKnight2054d ago

@NeXXXuS: THANK YOU! I was just going to rant abut how lame the FFVII intro is (and how it's inclusion is typical fan service) and express that the FFVIII intro is an order of magnitude better than the FFVII intro.

digitaleraser2054d ago

Hm, this list seems more like "11 Of My Favorite Games That Have Intros" than an actual comprehensive list of the greatest intros.

I clicked the link to see where the intro to Another World / Out Of This World landed on this list -- possibly the greatest videogame intro of all time, and definitely one of the top five -- and its glaring omission makes it hard for me to take this list very seriously at all.

meetajhu2054d ago

No Onimusha 3 = instant fail

Relientk772055d ago

The first that comes to mind for me is Final Fantasy VIII

alexcosborn2055d ago

Ahh FFVIII has an incredible intro too. Gotta love those PSone JRPGs!

Hicken2055d ago

And yet, it's not on the list. Damn shame.

Root2055d ago

Yes but when people do articles like this they feel the need to follow the crowd and put FF7 into everything despite other FF games deserving places on these lists more then FF7

It's like if they have to add something FF related it HAS to be FF7

FFVIII had the best intro (among a lot of other things) so I don't see why it wasn't included.

alexcosborn2055d ago

That's not why FFVII was selected over FFVIII. Between the two, I really do think FFVII's is better. It's a matter of opinion, not following the crowd.

DragonKnight2054d ago

you think a few seconds of a panoramic view, followed by the image of a girl, and then a train is better than a battle scene taking place in a thunderstorm between rivals?

HammadTheBeast2055d ago

Agreed, it was pretty awesome and epic at the same time, and the Seifer-Squall fight really set the tone.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart2055d ago

i was almost certain that it would show up on the list. Im very shocked that it wasnt.

Qrphe2054d ago

I went straight to #1 to see if it was FF8 and it wasn't, so I closed the website.

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dbjj120882055d ago

Watching some of these gave me chills. I remember these games so vividly. My favorite on the list has to be Mass Effect 2. Stepping into the vacuum was just jaw-dropping, especially with the sound cranked up.

alexcosborn2055d ago

Totally. That intro was my favorite part of that entire game.

smashcrashbash2055d ago

What about God of War 2 and Kratos's attack on the city followed by the multi tiered Colossus fight? How could you not mention that?

guitarded772055d ago

I was thinking GoW 3 personally, but not having GoW on the list means the author never played a GoW game. Scaling the giant to the epic skull bashing intro was beyond anything I have ever see. I must have said "WOW!!!" to myself a thousand times.

BitbyDeath2055d ago

Yea, GoW3 has got to have had the best intro for a game this gen.

Ilovetheps42055d ago

The Kingdom Hearts 1 intro is still my favorite intro of all time. There is just something special about it. I still watch it on youtube occasionally just because of how great it was.

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