From Ordinary to Adventure: 3DS Street Pass's Matt Strnad explores why his 3DS has made traveling twice the adventure it used to be!

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BullyMangler2082d ago

Article- "In the few hours we spent thumbing through cheap comics and walking around I didn’t see a single person with a 3DS in hand. That’s half the beauty of Street Pass — the surprise! When I got home and flipped open my system, there were nine new Mii’s waiting for me to greet them! Nine! I’ve heard stories of people taking their 3DS handhelds to places like Disney Land and other similar places, and meeting upwards of a hundred new Mii’s by the end of their day".

now thats RAD . especially since the stranger miis come with presents, like any song of your choosing. As soon as i get my white 3DS XL, i will load it with forbidden audio exposing crucial info that will change peoples lives once they hear it. Freaking Nintendo . no wonder Sony copies you all the time ...

thirtyandnerdy2081d ago

This is hilarious. I didn't even know about the audio thing. I'll have to try it!