Why the First Mass Effect is My Favorite Game of the Franchise | Although it may not be the best game of the series from a gameplay or technical standpoint, the first Mass Effect still remains Jason’s favorite game of the franchise.

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AznGaara2055d ago

It's definitely my favorite of the 3.

Agent_00_Revan2055d ago

Agreed. While a little rough with bugs, it was still the best of the 3.

joab7772055d ago

Agree. Instead of refining the rog elements and expanding on them, they cut them almost entirely out. Obviously bioware can tell a story so i enjoyed the trilogy immensely but i can only dream of the possibilities had they continued the rog focus that made the first one so good.

STICKzophrenic2055d ago

What do you mean by rog elements?

My favorite Mass Effect is the first one. If ME3 had a great ending, that one definitely would have been my favorite.

I definitely prefer the gameplay of 2 and 3, but the story and ending in the first just put it on another level for me. Virmire all the way through the end is just completely epic and fun.

joab7772048d ago

Rpg obviously. And violate are master of storytelling so all were great. They refined combat but I am an rpg enthusiast so I hated the streamlining.