Review: Zen Pinball 2 (Infendo)

"Zen Studios has already delivered pinball joy to the Nintendo 3DS with Zen Pinball 3D and now they grace the Nintendo Wii U with fine-tuned pinball goodness.

The first thing to mention about Zen Pinball 2 is it breaks the mould, at least for console in terms of content distribution. The game is essentially a pinball platform where after a free download you can trial various tables. If you don’t want to be restricted on your playtime you will need to purchase the individual tables, however this is an issue in itself.

Now I feel bad bringing this up as I feel the developers where working with a limited platform out of there control, but it does ultimately affect the user experience. When you select a table you don’t own, you are politely asked to visit the eShop to pay to unlock it. This would be awkward enough however the system fails to be able to provide a link to the item on the store or even a link to the storefront itself. You will have to find your own way there with the home button and start searching."

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