Wii U Can Handle Crysis 3 (And Almost Did), Says Crytek Head

Despite what Nintendo would likely call its own best efforts, the Wii U has struggled to attract third-party game makers. Some developers might tell you that's because the Wii U is underpowered, but Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli told a different story to VentureBeat this week

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aquamala2146d ago

of course it can, why wouldn't it be able to handle games out on PS3/360

stuna12146d ago

He should have kept that comment to himself!

It makes him seem like he's slagging off the WII U, considering that it should be better on the WII U! So why isn't on the WII U????

PopRocks3592146d ago

Because EA are bitter old farts who are pissy that Nintendo did not want to run Origin as part of the Wii U's online infrastructure? Just a theory.


If the general perception was not that the Wii U is on par with the 360, I doubt people would make these comparisons in the first damn place.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

Seems EA and Activision (two biggest game publishers in the world) not liking ninty..

"We did have Crysis 3 running on the Wii U. We were very close to launching it. But there was a lack of business support between Nintendo and EA on that"

Takes two to make a deal so place blame on nintendo also.

I never expected nintendo to capture the hardcore market anyway.

It may run crysis 3 but.

When next gen consoles/pc start using 2gb ram+ in games say good bye to wiiU ports. No??

What is a ps4 game uses 6gb ram over time?

Remember killzone uses 1.5gbs ram before launch and wiiU only has 1gb for games.

Which I think would mean wiiU provides 512mb more ram for games than ps3/360.

It's only has 1gb ram for games which is not good.

LOL_WUT2146d ago

@ PopRocks359 Whoa there!

It seems like you have some kind of grudge against EA. I doubt Origin was the reason for Crysis 3 not being ported over. It must've been mainly for how the Wii U has been selling as of late. ;)

Brucis2146d ago


The offer was originally just to help with the netcode and stuff, but then EA changed it and asked if Nintendo would be willing to use Origin and it's interface and netcode. This would also mean that EA would be in charge of the services, as Origin belongs to them. Nintendo declined and now EA is saying they won't be supporting the Wii U. It was a lose-lose situation for Nintendo.

Amazingmrbrock2146d ago

@brucis except they don't have to use origin which is a win for everybody except ea.

Mounce2146d ago

Probably because the Nintendo fanbase barely ever buy third-party games and it'd be a wasted investment.

Just as Activision was displeased with COD sales on Wii U. No developer can look to Nintendos console and find profit like they can PS3/360 no matter what you say.

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LackTrue4K2146d ago

ya, but Crytek is super lazy...

greenpowerz2145d ago Show
BlueTemplar2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

@greentroll You've got a problem, seriously, who even mentioned the ps3?

Donnieboi2146d ago

But when PS4 and 720 come out, that 8 gig of RAM difference will be too big of a discrepancy to ignore. THAT is when Wii U won't be able to keep. The clock is ticking until Holiday 2013.

Realplaya2146d ago

Doesn't matter how much ram you have if the games on those systems don't sell. Keep in mind games end up on different platforms because not every game sells millions and some struggle to sell half a million. So what is a developer or publisher to do? Publishers need to recoup or make money so there games get ported to other platforms. So if the WII U gets a ported game from lets say a ps4 game then even ported down it would look good on the WII U right? Trust me the only games you won't see on the WII U are first party games.

AKR2146d ago

Frozenbyte - Has Trine 2 running on the Wii U with the PC assets.

Criterion - Has Need for Speed: Most Wanted U running on the Wii U with the PC assets.

Ubisoft - Has Watch Dogs running on the Wii U based off the PC version.

~ Note the pattern we're seeing here - "Wii U has games running based off the PC versions". The 360/PS3 games usually fell short of their PC counterparts. They looked close, but PC usually had an edge. The fact that the Wii U can do this, without breaking much of a sweat, 3 months into it's lifetime, means that we're only going to see it's graphical prowess advance as time goes on.

The Wii U is far from under-powered. May not be sporting the same big guns as the PS4/720 - but like the CEO of Criterion Games - Alex Ward - said: "It packs a punch."

~ I don't think it's the fact that the Wii U is underpowered, as to why devs are ignoring it. They just don't want to be bothered, taking the time out to work with the tech at hand. They're being lazy. They're just like Playstation/XBOX fans "Oh - It's not the same as the others, it sucks!" That's my opinion, anyway. I could be wrong, but that's just how it seems.

- Nintendo may have opted to once again, refrain from making a complete powerhouse to go toe-to-toe with the competition, but they didn't hold back like they did with the Wii vs the PS3/360. So be happy for that, at least. They said it themselves that the graphics will be comparable to that of the new competition - so hopefully, they will be able to prove it.

3rd party devs need to get off their high-horse. The Wii U is a console drowning in it's own potential. Hyper-realistic graphics as great as the PS4 and 720 may not be able to be completely achieved, but I'm sure it won't be miles ahead like what we saw in the 7th generation. We're approaching the end of the graphics road, guys.

We saw 8-bit to 16-bit. That was big.
16-bit to 32-bit. That was big too.
32-bit to 64-bit. Pretty big, as well.
Standard Definition/Enhanced Defenition (360p/480p) to High Definition (720p/1080p).

In reality - the Wii U is acheiving true HD. The 360/PS3 were barely even HD consoles. There was a ton of up-scaling. At least on Wii U we're seeing native 720p and 1080p, which is stellar. The quality will only improve as time passes.

refocusedman2146d ago

I dont think its about whether or not the Wii U can graphically compete. I think its more about how poorly most non nintendo software have sold since the inception of the new system. Not even CoD has sold a significant amt of units since being released. Zombi U, the hyped Wii U exclusive has not performed as well as expected either. At the the end of the day if non nintendo software begins to sell then this discussion and these article become a mute point.

falcon792146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

Sonic all stars racing sold 240,000 on ps3 and 360,WiiU version has sold 333,000 to date with an install base of just over 3 million worldwide,ps3 and 360 have 140 million between them and only managed 240,000 sales between them is a bigger concern.

0.4 % on ps3/360.
10% on WiiU.

I'm impressed with the WiiU sales on that game but lots of wiiu games are selling around the 300,000 mark and this is a good indication that the gamers that have bought a wiiu so far will get their wallet out for games at least,its tie ratio is much bigger than ps3,wii,360 so no worries.

refocusedman2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

The reason that Sonic all stars sold as much as it did on the Wii U and not the other systems can be attributed to one thing and thats options. Ps3 has lbp karting and mod nation. Xbox fans are interested in forza and halo right now. The fact is the Wii U has no competition for consumer dollars on their system and games still arent doing well. The last time I checked sonic sold 180,000 copies. The only non nintendo game that sold over 300,000 copies is zombi U and 300,000 is not a bench mark for success.

punisher992146d ago

Although not many. The PS3 actually has a decent collection of 1080p native games.

FlyingFoxy2146d ago

The Wii U has potential, but how come some games are still running at only 30fps? if the graphics chip in it is so much better than 360/ps3 then practically all games should be running 60fps.

Graphics will always get better, we just haven't seen a huge jump like we normally do. Graphics cards on PC's have also been fairly stagnant the past few years.

Physics will be more focused on now i believe. Take the Source 2 engine, i bet it will be awesome when it's revealed just like when they first showed Half Life 2. I expect much better physics and other awesomeness from that engine, Valve never disappoint us PC gamers.

N0S3LFESTEEM2146d ago

It's possible but they would have to cut the resolutions down to compensate for the higher fps... Wii U is a capable system just not that capable.

If you call the 680 or 7970 being stagnant then I don't know where your expectations are... those cards are capable of rendering toy story in real time if you had a need to do such things. The only thing being stagnant right now are the developers... releasing the same franchise over and over again with the biggest difference being the number next to the title. No ones taking the initiative to make a new franchise and when they actually do it fails because it ends up turning into a generic mess just to please the share holders. That's why were all stuck waiting for Halo 5, Uncharted 4, BF4, MGS 5, COD--(I lost count on that one), and every other franchise you can throw a number on the end of. The gaming scene has turned into "how can we make the graphics better" with the gameplay turning into a after thought.

Realplaya2146d ago

It's up to the developers to get there games running at 60fps. Tori Toki 2 and I think new super Mario Brothers u is running at 60 so there you have it the system can officially run games at 60fps.

Also there is a article out where developers have stated 30fps is what a lot of games will still run at.

OpenGL2146d ago

The Wii U is not achieving true HD, it's no more HD than the PS3 or 360. So far the only 1080p games on the Wii U are a 2D platformer that is also 1080p on the PS3, and a Wii port that doesn't use any anti-aliasing.

Most of the sub-HD PS3/360 games are also sub-HD on the Wii U, for example Darksiders II and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. What's worse, there are actually games that are rendered in sub-HD on the Wii U that are not sub-HD on the PS3.(see: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed)

Not saying there's anything wrong with the Wii U, but it suffers from the exact same limitations that the PS3 and 360 do in regards to gaming in high definition. It's GPU still only has 8 ROPs like the PS3 and 360 GPUs, and its GPU is attached to an even worse memory interface.

SilentNegotiator2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

*Shhh! Don't suggest that anything is to blame except for lazy development!*

Like, remember all of those 480i games on ps3/360 when they launched? The first devs were just too lazy to give the games any substantial increase in resolution from the 6th gen consoles! Those games didn't go from ~480p to ~720p at all!

LOL, just goes to show how the Nintendo fanboys come in full force with comments like that getting "well said" marks for claiming that Wii U doesn't have a bunch of sub-720p games (but does).

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Chard2146d ago

Total missed opportunity for Nintendo. Could have been a great showcase for the Wii U.

lilbroRx2146d ago

Crysis 3 isn't a miss for anyone.

Chard2146d ago

I thought it was pretty good, plus everyone would have seen the Wii U running the cryengine 3 which would have silenced doubts about its power

2146d ago
TemplarDante2146d ago

"Wii U Can Handle Crysis 3 (And Almost Did), Says Crytek Head"
What he meant was, "we would have ported it from 360 and used the tablet as an inventory system."

herbs2146d ago (Edited 2146d ago )

I wish Ea wouldn't be so greedy but I'm also dissapointed in Nintendo for failing at making deals with more developers. Crysis 3 would have been a huge win for Nintendo and Wii U owners.

lilbroRx2146d ago

They didn't "fail". Agreeing to EA deal would have been failing. They are better off without them. Hell, I say they should ban EA from releasing anything on their console because of the way they sabotaged its launched with those terrible ports.

Crysis is a mediocre FPS just like its predecessors. I would not have bought even if the Wii U version surpassed the PC version.

What Nintendo needs are "good" games. It has plenty of those on the horizon starting with Lego City Undercover in a few days, followed by Monster Hunter Tri.

falcon792146d ago

Nintendo don't want too many bk ports ?? so Black ops gets 1st choice by Nintendo,Crysis3 will sell poor and EA will try and port it anyway.

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