Race Driver: GRID updated impressions by GameSpot

Codemasters made a name for itself among driving fans with its off-road Colin McRae Rally series. Codies is also no stranger to tarmac racing with its long-running TOCA series of circuit-racing games. Last year, the company revamped the Colin McRae series for the current generation of consoles, resulting in Dirt, a well-received off-road racing game that combined the developer's racing expertise with gorgeous graphics and presentation. Consequently, it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that a circuit-racing game wasn't far behind. The name of the game is Grid, and GameSpot got a chance to see an updated version to check how the company is building off of the success of its previous effort.

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Quisp4184d ago

I REALLY wish theyhad setups as an option. This game is sounding more like an Arcade racer, which, is not very appealing. Codemasters is going to regret this decision.
They're losing the serious sim crowd, for the arcade crowd that apparently didnt care much for the current crop of Arcade racers. What a shame :(