Gods of Guitar Hero

Being good at video games is one of the most under-appreciated skills. When it comes to rhythm games like Guitar Hero, people often scoff at the mere mention of skill and promptly direct people to places where they can learn how to play a real guitar. Based on experience with the game the following people are quite skilled at playing Guitar Hero and deserve a mention in the Guitar Hero Rock Hall of Fame.

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Laexerias4002d ago

Where is me? I can play Slow Ride on Easy with 70%!!!!
just kidding.. its 62%....

Paha on 5x Speed on Expert...

Syko4002d ago

No video of Hell's Ashes "tapping" Jordan? Dude is the only one on the planet to FC Jordan....Which is ridiculous considering I got 5 stars on EVERY Hard song and beat Expert with mostly 4 stars and I still got KILLED on Solo B. I am really good at Guitar Hero but some of these guys are next level badass.

Paperfone4002d ago

They all have one thing in common. THEY'RE FÅGS