MLB 08 The Show Review 8.5/10

Finally, the best baseball game of the generation has arrived. The attention to detail is what easily sets The Show apart from its competition.

If there's one genre of sports fans who have taken it on the chin worse than any other fans thus far this generation it is easily baseball game fans (myself included). From 2K6 on every offering has been just down right unplayable where it counts, on the field. Although far from perfect, MLB 08 The Show is the first baseball game of the generation on any platform I can recommend is worth the purchase.

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Cartesian3D3883d ago

I didnt play real baseball even Once.. but I like this game..

and after several Awsome review scores.. I think its the right time to PLAY BASEBALL!!

average 8.7 for a Sport game means AAA ... good job sony :)

BTW it looks ultra realistic! (character models, Lighting, animations..)

Blademask3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

plus I am a total graphics whore.

I know absolutely nothing about it, but I figure ill pick up the sport like I did with madden.

marinelife93883d ago

I'm wondering what 2K8 is going to get. No reviews or anything posted yet. No demo either. But I did here somewhere 2K8 is giving out a Reyes bobblehead doll.

DarkSniper3883d ago

Dark Sniper despises the sport of baseball, but yet he enjoyed this game greatly. Probably due to 989 Sports being one of the most underrated sports devs in the business. They consistently delivered quality games throughout the Playstation era with games such as NFL Gameday '98, NBA Shootout, NBA 08, MLB series etc.

Either way, Dark Sniper will do the unthinkable and take the Texas Rangers to the World Series. -_-