New Images of Sega and Secret Level's Golden Axe: Beast Rider

Here are some new images of Sega and Secret Level's Golden Axe: Beast Rider for PS3 and Xbox 360, the game is scheduled for a September 2008 in US.

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Forbidden_Darkness4003d ago

those images look alot better than what i saw before, glad it actually looks better. ill have to wait for reviews on this one cuz this one could turn out like Conan...

MK_Red4003d ago

Graphics don't look hot but at least there is blood and gore and hopefully an M rating (Which will garantee a purchase from me).

mighty_douche4003d ago

lol... you and your gore!

Dude go check out the new Rambo, should be right up your street.

MK_Red4003d ago

That film rocks. I'm not a fan of Rambo and Sly but Rambo 4 movie is a truely fun gorefest.

Bazookajoe_834003d ago

Im hoping for coop on this one, that was really fun in the earlier ones. And yes, Rambo 4 is maybe the most brutal movie ever. Oh my god, When they attack the village, Oh my god!!!

Keowrath4002d ago

Sadly, I'm not even sure the blood will save this travesty. Ok, that's bad of me. I haven't played the game yet... But unless they do something miraculously amazing... I aint gonna!

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forcefullpower4003d ago

All i can say about this game is. It's going to be a massive flop. Don't bother bringing it to PS3. Just make it for XBOX. They like to brag about how many games there are for there console. Looks as bad as CONAN. OMG

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