World of Warcraft, The Sinking Ship (Part 1)


"Before World of Warcraft was developed; MMORPG's were considered the black sheep of the PC gaming community. Early on, it was considered amazing to have 100,000 subscribers for one game. Now, just ten years later, WoW has blown all previous records out of the water... achieving subscriber levels that far exceed all previous games combined. WoW is everywhere, on TV, Movies and in a lot of our homes right now. But has this fame caused Blizzard to become too relaxed? In part one, I will be going over the mistakes Blizzard is making and has made. These mistakes are putting holes in Blizzards ship, and it's only a matter of time before that ship sinks."

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cain1414001d ago

I know a couple people I talked to were tad ticked about how all their gear will soon be worthless again...

Tempist4001d ago

Thems the breaks in the MMO world. What probably should hurt most is time = costs money.

cain1414001d ago

I didn't either... Not a huge fan of the pricing... then again its a great deal if you think about how much time some people spend... pretty cheap in all reality... I just don't feel like getting addicted...

Ichabod134001d ago

I probably have saved money in the long run. :P But, sometimes, those companies lose sight of the game they are making and just see $$$

Odion4001d ago

This guy is just a Old school MMO player who has stupid ideas.

Come on, they shouldn't have made a brand new world with new content they should have built off what they had!?? Please

Ichabod134001d ago

I think you misread or misunderstood. :P Everyone is entitled to their opinion and that's cool. You'll see what I mean later this year when the expansion hits.

New content is great!! I love the new stuff, but I also loved the old stuff. Places like MC, BWL, AQ20/40, Naxx....all gone. :P (naxx is making a reappearance in the expansion) Would of been cool if they could have done that with all of the instances.

Odion4001d ago

that content was usable for 2 years, if you didn't do it in that time frame you weren't going to. I would call Blizzard lazy if they just kept rehashing the same old instances.

Sprudling4001d ago

I fundamentally disagree with this guy. Adding new content is a mistake?! I stopped reading there...

lonestarmt4001d ago

haha When did new content become a bad idea? I guess he wants to play the same game forever. Thats what happens when new gear or items that come out that are better, you don't use the old ones. I really don't see what problems he is talking about

Ichabod134000d ago

Lot's of people are reading this that new content is bad....that's not what was said. Was said that OLD content is not bad. How much of our 15/month is used to store the data for instances and zones that are never used ?? :P

xsteinbachx4001d ago

Just because one man cries.. the other the other 10 million subscribers are doing okay.

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