National Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournament Announced by EB Games and Nintendo of Canada

EB Games and Nintendo of Canada Ltd. has sent word of a Canadian tournament for Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii. Qualifying rounds will be head at various EB Games stores in Calgary, Halifax, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

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Yuprules4190d ago

Good luck everyone in the Tournament!

Tempist4190d ago

Apparently we have nothing better to do in Canada...

This could be cured with a little / a lot of snow.

Yuprules4190d ago

During winter, of course there is nothing else better to do than game/enter a tournament to win prizes ;)

wiizy4190d ago

i wouldnt mind just watching.. cant wait to pick up my copy

Hellgiver4190d ago

I'd love to watch the final round. I hope they have it on a website or something...

Jdash244190d ago

dude that final round would be intense

Vulcan Raven4190d ago

We are awesome, 2 bad I live in a tiny city, i would like to give it a try. This game is going to be awesome.