GTA's Manhattan Mural

Found at the corner of Spring and Canal in Manhattan today by reader Savage6000. Looks like the GTA hype-machine has gone into overdrive. Let's hope the game lives up to the building-sized ads and viral marketing campaigns.

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Joey Gladstone4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

Is what I call Advertising.....I think this is one of the few stunts and advertising ploys i didn't see the Marketing team for Halo 3 employ, as I'm pretty sure he was on EVERYTHING from my TV to my Slushy mug from Circle K.....just saying creative marketing stands out more..and makes that much more of an impact
......"The JOEY has Spoken"

solar4187d ago

hehe, sweet. and like Rockstar needs anymore advertising....when the liberal media gets wind of the release date is closing'll see good ol Jack on the news protesting GTAIV. and all that does is cause more interest.

Exhaust4187d ago

They don't just copy other ad campaigns. Rockstar is always full of fresh innovative ideas and this is just another example.

GTA IV will be revolutionary and have a massive impact on the industry just like GTA III. Everyone who doubted GTA IV will have to eat their words on 4/29 when the sky opens and the flying spaghetti monster himself bestows the game upon feeble man.

superman4187d ago

This game is gonna be really big.


are u saying jack is a liberal, hes as conservative as can be. remember it was fox news(right wing media) who talks so badly about games

solar4187d ago

i never said jack was liberal. but ya, i did forget to mention fox. throw them in there too!

Exhaust4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

Those right wing radio guys always trying to play the victim. Poor them the big bad LIBERAL MEDIA just won't give them a break.

The fact is you are correct. Its the christian conservative ring wingers that want to censor everything from video games to TV because of their "Values".

Phuck their values and morals. Parents need to take responsibility and make sure their kids don't comsume material DESIGNED for adults.

solar4187d ago

exhaust i totally agree with you man. my mom bought me the original Doom when it was released when i was 13. if you teach your kids right, they arent gonna go crazy. and yes, i do listen to limbaugh. he is very entertaining. a lil nuts, but entertaining.

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The story is too old to be commented.