GamePro Preview: Resident Evil 5: What We Know

GamePro have no exclusive; no hands-on; no live demo to reference, but an extended trailer and plenty of screenshots offer more than enough detail to arrive at some at hard facts about Resident Evil 5.

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solar4002d ago

quote from article "

The close-quarters combat system has been improved upon by adding intense struggle moments between Redfield and enemies, the ability to dodge knife swipes, and a mega punch to disperse crowds of encroaching "zombies."

thats freaking awesome. i love that punch in the trailer, and i was hoping it would be in the game. cant wait to play this baby.

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Shadow Man4002d ago

Im so glad is coming to 360. See xbox got games ;P

poopface14002d ago

re2 was one if my favorite games ever and I cant wait to see this gens resident evil.

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