GTA IV: March PSW provides new screenshot

The March issue of PlayStation magazine PSW contains a short preview of GTA IV. Although there really isn't much information in the preview, there is one new screenshot (and higher quality scans of past screenshots) in it and the accompanying article provides an interesting read: a narrative of Niko hunting down a snitch named Lyle Rivas at the command of Brucie. The last bit of info in the article also gives us one more radio station name - Liberty Rock Radio, where PSW states Iggy Pop could be heard (uncomfirmed by Rockstar).

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Official General4190d ago

damn I cant wait for this game! there seems to be so much stuff to do in this!

George Washington4190d ago

did anyone actually read the screens?? page 4. final paragraph. it says theres slow downs while using the rocket launcher. this being PSW magazine im assuming the slow downs are for the ps3 version only as EGM played 360 and said there were no slowdowns for 360 version.

SUP3R4190d ago

Didn't Rockstar already confirm that the PS3 version isn't finished yet, but will be ready by launch?
If it isn't finished, it obviously means it's gonna have bugs.

Official General4190d ago

Actually I recently read a preview somewhere about the Xbox 360 version having some minor slowdown and pop-up effects aswell during gameplay. Plus as I'm sure you know the game is not yet 100% complete....I'm sure Rockstar are working hard to iron out any minor annoyances before on both PS3 and 360 versions before the release date.

rareairtone4189d ago

If one has been part of the group of people looking and talking on GTA forums one would have already seen this. and gtaforums featured this screenshot in both the PSM3 and Games Master hands-on preview scans back in the beginning days of last month. I still like this screen though because if one looks closely at the cop car's back, the tail light is shattering

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