PS3 Sells Out

Eager early adopters received word last night that EB Games and GameStop stores would be taking pre-orders for Sony's PlayStation 3 this morning. Each store will have a limited number of units available when the system launches on November 17. Stores demanded a dowry of $100 in cash, credit, or trade-in for those precious few.

Many customers camped out overnight for the chance to be one of the first owners of Sony's next-gen system. At most of the stores that IGN visited or contacted the number of people lined up far exceeded the store's allocation. The number of pre-orders available varied from four at a store in Detroit, Michigan to 19 at a store in Seattle, Washington. Several employees we contacted said that they were instructed not to disclose the number of pre-orders they were given.

kmis876462d ago (Edited 6462d ago )

Lucky, I only got one. Maybe I can get lucky and get one from somewhere else too. I really want to make some cash on ebay and still have one ot play.

USMChardcharger6462d ago

you mean you guys have pre-ordered...you don't have them yet.

OutpostCommand6462d ago

I dont have any because im from London >:-E

Wouldnt care to spare me one, eh ?

Sexius Maximus6462d ago

I'll sell you the one I'm getting for $3000.

Sphinx6462d ago

...I wonder if they are taking pre-orders for the Wii yet.

zypher6462d ago

they expect to within the next week, last i heard.


why will you stay all night just to preorder if you can do the same the night is coming out ... go to sony store on madison ( nyc ) im sure they will have at lease 100 .. i went there for my PSP and that night they have 500 ...

calderra6462d ago

I wonder what percentage of these units are already available on eBay...