IGN: Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Co-op Hands-on

by Nate Ahearn:

"As anyone who played the original Vegas knows, the co-op lacked many of the presentation values and story elements that were highlighted by the true campaign. But the full Vegas experience shouldn't be contained to a solo experience; thus, we have Vegas 2 -- where hot swapping in and out of a standard mission is entirely possible. We recently got our hands on an early build of Tom Clancy's second trip to Sin City and are happy to report that the co-op is much more refined and accessible than ever before".

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Joey Gladstone4183d ago

was really a fun game, although extremely sub-par for the PS3 version, but even so I am surprised how very little excitement and attention this game is getting this year...
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

jASSon 3604183d ago

well my good friend that is what happens when people realize that a particular game is somewhat overrated. This is appearing to give absolutely nothing worthwhile over the original. The first game was fun at the time, but in retrospect was actually rather lame. both the 360 and PS3 version suffered from a severe lack of polish as well. Maybe this will be fixed second time around, but it really has no real chance of being remembered among the list of shooters lurking towards the end of the year.

ichimaru4183d ago

is this supporting 4 player co-op? i can see it now, some one already stealing my kills

Grown Folks Talk4183d ago

2 player dynamic co-op, but don't take my word for it. As far as Mr. Gladstone, I know I'm getting it for sure.

jinn4183d ago

Rainbow six vegas 2
Gears of war 2
Army of Two

jASSon 3604183d ago

are you serious? Gears of War 2, maybe. but Vegas 2? no Army of Two no.

or at least lets hope not. It will be a very sad year if Vegas 2 ends up the best.