Guitar Hero: Aerosmith to feature more bands?

Guitar Hero Aerosmith might not only contain Aerosmith. . Well, it might be good to know that a Best Buy advertisement revealed that the game will also contain songs from Aerosmith's favorite bands.

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Nostradamus4187d ago

At any gamestop, the big GH:Aerosmith signs say, "Includes some songs from their favorite bands."

Hopefully they like Led Zeppelin, maybe some Beatles. Should all be classic rock though.

c-redz4186d ago

really no need to make another game.... just offer downloads for gh3!!!! we have this coming out and GH4 i mean come on!!!

Mr_Kuwabara4186d ago

Why even bother with Aerosmith really?

They should've done something like, IDK............. Metallica!?

games4fun4186d ago

is so much better if you have friends its awesome to have a group switch off and play sets with each other and to have the guitars,drums,and vocals.

tired of playing guitar? play drums,sing keep the band going

JohnRico4186d ago

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is just the beginning. Soon there will be Guitar Hero: Spice Girls & Guitar Hero Backstreet Boys & Guitar Hero: Britney Spears & Guitar Hero: Hannah Montana

Covenant4186d ago

Oh God...don't give them ideas. :)

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